Best Friends Pets and SavourLife Rescue Challenge

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Best Friends Pets and SavourLife Rescue Challenge

Every year, thousands of dogs around the country are taken in by local rescue groups who spend their time rehabilitating these animals in need back to health. And every year the incredible team at SavourLife raise money to support these amazing groups by donating 50% of their profits toward rehoming these dogs in need. 

It’s an incredible effort and in total SavourLife have supported the rehoming of over 23,000 rescue dogs! 

So to celebrate their incredible work, from April 26 - May 23 we’ll be taking part in the SavourLife Rescue Challenge. That means that in between those dates, whenever you purchase a 2.5kg or 10kg bag of SavourLife dog food, the awesome team at SavourLife will make a donation to one of our partner rescue groups! 

And to commemorate this awesome initiative, we wanted to bring to you our top five reasons to adopt a dog.

1. You’ll Be Supporting Local Rescue Groups

There are so many incredible local rescue groups around the country that work tirelessly every day to save the lives of pets that have been abandoned or abused. In order to help provide for pets in need, local rescue groups need to supply critical medical care, food, shelter, transport and other basic health checks required for dogs in need. By adopting your next pet, you’ll not only be helping your new best friend, but you’ll also be helping support the costs of future pets that require care. 

2. You’ll Be Giving An Animal A Second Chance

Different types of animals can find themselves in rescue groups at any time. From owners that could no longer look after their four-legged friends, to unexpected litters and unfortunately even animal cruelty situations. When you adopt a dog from a local rescue group you give that animal a second chance to appreciate life. 

3. You’ll See Their Appreciation

Nothing beats the extraordinary smile and look of appreciation from a dog that’s just been saved. Pets find themselves in rescue situations through no fault of their own, so it’s safe to say it’s extremely rewarding when you see the appreciation in their face, smile and of course - tail wag - when they get to settle into their brand new forever home. 


4. You’ll Be Saving More Than One Life

Whenever you adopt a dog from a local rescue group you open a place for another animal in need to get the care they require. So when you bring your new best friend home, you’re giving your local rescue group the flexibility to start the rescue cycle all over again and rehabilitate another animal in need for care. 

5. You Have Someone New To Shop For

If you thought spoiling kids was fun, wait til you see all the toys and treats we have available for your new adopted best friend! Not to mention when you feed your new four-legged friend with SavourLife food, you’ll also be supporting an incredible company that gives back 50% of its profits toward supporting other rescue groups around the country and assisting with the rehoming of other adopted dogs! 

Already have a best friend? You can still help dogs and rescue shelters by getting involved in the SavourLife Rescue Challenge! Shop here.